Website Localization—a New Must?

By GeaSpeak Team | 2017-11-24

It should not be a question. When it comes to expanding your business, website localization is a no-brainer. Just think about how many people do not speak your language. Consider all those prospective clients.

You need to get your message across and English is no enough!

Time to Go Global

The current global situation is extremely favorable for growing business. Economies and industries have become globalized and language should not be a barrier but a driver to your business. Internet has dramatically changed the market and today websites are essential tools for marketing and customer service.

The localization of your website enables you to convey your message, advertise your product/service and strengthen your brand to reach every corner of the world.

There is no doubt websites are powerful. However, if you really want to reap the benefits, you should address prospective clients in their native language so that they can truly understand your message and feel confident about what you are offering them.

The number of people who know about your business is of significant importance. In this sense, Web Analytics is a key concept—search optimization is critical to get a greater number of clients, and if your website is available in more than one language, you can virtually double the chances of people finding your website through a search engine. Add to that Web Analytics services provided by some of the world’s leading IT companies, such as Adobe, Microsoft and Google, and you will have made an unstoppable difference.

Increase your visibility on the internet and you will be increasing your opportunities to get those potential customers that still do not know about you or that do not choose you because your website does not make them feel addressed.

So, What’s in it For You?

You can boost sales, improve visibility, and enhance your chances of being found on the Internet by localizing your website. Our team of experienced professionals have worked on a variety of projects, having translated different types of user interfaces, website content, and online courses. You can read more about the scope of Software Localization on this article by us, where we also tell you about our experience on this field. We assure high-quality translations including linguistic and cultural adaptations to convey your message exactly as you need.

With our website localization services, you will get your website translated and specially tailored for the client you are trying to get. Contact us today to get a quote and let us take care of your localization needs.