Software Localization: Why your Business Needs it

By GeaSpeak Team | 2017-11-17

Nowadays Software Localization is a must.

There is no doubt that information technologies have been experiencing an unprecedented growth and have become one of the leading industries in the worldwide market. No company can do business without making use of these impressive technologies that have so deeply revolutionized our world.

Globalized Market

One language is not enough: our world has become globalized and so have the technologies we employ.

Under these new rules, we can quickly grasp the impact that Software Localization has and will have for any business anywhere in the world.  IT translation and software localization include, but are not limited to:

  • Websites
  • Software
  • Digital solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Network security

A fast-growing global market demands software available in different languages. If you plan to reach a larger market, then you cannot but consider having your software localized—it will increase the number of potential customers/clients by millions, improve your company’s image and bring many additional benefits.

Take Spanish and Portuguese alone, for example—according to Internet World Stats, they represent 470 million Internet users and are among top five languages in the Internet. So how many business opportunities are you missing simply for not having your software localized? Software localization may just be what your business needs to make the difference.

Software localization (L10n) is basically the adaptation of a software product to the needs of a target market involving linguistic, cultural and technical aspects.

It goes beyond translation to offer a comprehensive service that takes into account all requirements related to the target market’s language, such as legal issues, appropriate terminology, and consideration of regional differences. It also provides an integral cultural adaptation so that your software will seem to have originally been written and developed in the language of the new target market.

So, Why Choose Us?

Our team of translators is experienced in different IT areas, having worked  for clients such as Microsoft, HPE, IBM, Google, Yahoo!, Toshiba, Oracle and Hitachi, among many others.

We guarantee high-quality translations that will satisfy any communication needs you may have. We will also ensure you high-quality software localization which includes correct translation/adaptation of software strings. To avoid common localization-related mistakes such as translation of code or failure to adapt numbers, measuring units, currency and date and time expressions, we have quality assurance processes in place that allow us to avoid related serious business consequences.

Contact us today and get a quote. Our team will provide the solution you are looking for.