Oil and Gas Industry: a Translation Market

By GeaSpeak Team | 2018-04-06

The oil and gas industry has never stopped growing.

Argentina’s domestic natural oil and gas production has been rising steadily over the past years, largely because of the increasing production from the Neuquén Basin’s Vaca Muerta shale formation.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates total recoverable hydrocarbons to be 16.2 billion barrels of oil and 308 trillion cubic meters of natural gas.

Under this new scenario, the interest of local and international companies to invest in the region is quite significant.

In addition, important announcements and commitments to investment have recently been made, where the government agreed with several players to new rules of the game that have made Vaca Muerta even more attractive.

Getting the message across

We know this is a key complex global industry that involves many different activities, and every particular area has a specific set of documents. For example:

  • Records, agreements, contracts;
  • Datasheets, isometric drawings, seismic surveys, soil study reports;
  • Users manual, safety and operating instructions.

Such complex activity requires documents to be handled with the highest degree of accuracy and specificity.

GeaSpeak’s team of skilled technical translators can deliver what you, and more important, your business need. We boast more than four years of experience in the oil and gas industry and we have the technical background needed to localise any document.

We have worked with many companies from the sector: EthosEnergy, ExxonMobil, T. D. Williamson, NextEra Energy, EMS Pipeline Services, Shell, Wood Group, YPF, among many others.

The enormous but still expanding oil and gas industry requires its information and messages to get effectively communicated in other languages.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or get a quick quote here. We will deliver a translation solution with the high level of professionalism your documents deserve. Trust your business to us.