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About Us

Our Identity

GeaSpeak is the world’s expert in IT localization for the Latin American region. We are a Language Service Provider (LSP) that has been in the translation & localization industry since 2009. As a company we add value through our capacity, work processes, tools, technology, diverse resources, specific knowledge, quick response, and fluid communication.

GeaSpeak was founded by Germán Garis, who is a linguist himself with over 20 years of experience working full-time in the localization industry.

Rather than a “Translation Agency,” we are an LSP – not a mere agent – with in-house Spanish resources to manage linguistic queries, assure final quality and advise our customers on language matters.

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Areas of Expertise

IT & Marketing

We specialize in Marketing and IT localization, having completed hundreds of projects for user interfaces, infographics, video subtitling, marketing campaigns, IT training, webinars and demos, among many other content types. We work on IT requests on a daily basis with a consolidated team of experienced linguists. We are a preferred IT localization vendor for one of the top-five MLVs worldwide, where we work on two major IT accounts, one of them specialized in software solutions such as cloud computing, storage, security, infrastructure and networking, and another one dedicated to hardware and software products, including laptops, tablets and desktops. Our IT experts are highly familiarized with the sector jargon and always up to date on the latest trends in the industry to make sure we can deliver the most relevant IT localization services.

Education and Training

From employee e-lectures to K-12 school books and materials, at GeaSpeak we are highly experienced in the localization for the Education field. We have translated dozens of virtual courses, including user interface and video subtitles, as well as printed materials such as coursebooks and student manuals. Some of the education projects we most frequently work on include the localization of training decks, e-learning/self-learning courses, course platform interface and a wide variety of employee training presentations (selling, compliance, ethics, finance, gender equality, among many others). Learn more.

Service Organizations

It has been over ten years since we started to provide our localization services to a major volunteer-led organization serving children around the world. Its members complete +150,000 service projects per year in +80 countries and geographical areas and we are glad to be considered the main localization vendor for this amazing organization. Since then, we have been expanding our services to other non-profit organizations devoted to different causes around the world. The projects we regularly work on include service organization newsletters, missions, visions, media releases, website content and news, among others.

Oil and Gas

For over 6 years, we have completed translation tasks for down-, mid- and upstream sectors, including brochures (gas processing, solutions), simulation software for the oil & gas and mining industries (description of applications), pipeline equipment and services for onshore and offshore applications, operating procedures, reports, oilfield products and services, and oil contracts and agreements. Learn more.


Our Healthcare account portfolio includes some of the biggest companies in the world. For years we have worked on an endless variety of healthcare projects, especially on the localization of healthcare plans. After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic we worked on dozens of translation projects mostly for preventive action brochures and COVID-19 awareness intended for employees. Our clients trust GeaSpeak to complete their healthcare projects where patient and people safety is at stake.


We have a vast experience in the localization of a wide variety of legal texts. Our work on the legal field comprises mainly two types of requests. On the one hand, we provide legalized translations, mostly for individual customers who need to submit their documentation abroad (birth, death and marriage certificates, certificates of studies, divorce decrees, etc.). On the other hand, we work on legal requests for different customers where our experts localize multiple text types such as terms & conditions, privacy policies, agreements, contracts, insurance policies, disclaimers, waivers, return policies, etc. Learn more.



  • Selected by a top-five MLV as the preferred ESLA vendor among other Latin American LSPs for a premium IT account subject to Linguistic Quality Evaluations (LQEs) with a Pass threshold of 98.5%. We help our customer meet quality goals in one of the most challenging accounts in the industry where clockwise precision and fluency are required. For this account, we have performed massive localization tasks for highly important events like worldwide IT Summits, for which we worked on great-volume subtitling projects with tight deadlines and specific software requirements, such as the use of syncing tools. Our work was then assessed by the final client and we were congratulated on our teamwork, prompt communication and capacity to deal with big complex requests in a short time achieving formidable quality. These accounts also trust our team to take care of the localization of sensitive legal materials like Statements of Work, Policies, Terms and Conditions, etc., for which we perform Translation, Editing and Proofreading plus an additional step of legal proofreading by an expert linguist to achieve first-class quality.
  • We were also selected by the same worldwide MLV as the preferred ESLA provider for another major IT account subject to quality evaluations with a threshold of 97%. Furthermore, we were awarded five times a Certificate of Appreciation “in recognition for a record of outstanding quality accomplishments as well as extraordinary service and dedication to the [Customer] team.”
  • Another MLV selected us as one of their main ESLA vendors for a global IT account providing the widest array of IT services. The account was also subject to LQEs with a threshold of 97%. We worked mainly with marketing/technical texts for developers and end customers and stopped working for this account when this MLV was acquired by a bigger MLV.


  • Rush Postediting and Review + QA request for a total of 854,000 words for a Healthcare account completed in only 6 working days.
  • Spanish utterance creation project aimed at training Artificial Intelligence software to understand device users. +200 hours request involving linguists from different Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Peru.
  • LSO request of 210 hours for a Healthcare account completed in just 5 working days.
  • 977,000-word proofreading job taking 205 hours at a speed of almost 5,000 proofread words per hour for a Health Insurance account.
  • 73,500-word TEP job completed during Christmas season in just 4.5 working days.
  • Over 1,500,000 words translated over a year for an account on Christian religion (training material for kids, teenagers and adults).
  • Over 2,500,000 words translated for a water/wastewater service company.

Our Values

Commitment: to our clients and to the task at hand. We always keep our promise. We meet the agreed-upon deadlines. Cooperative Spirit: we are a team and we operate as such. Each member makes his/her own contribution to achieve the final product. We complement each other with a cooperation and openness attitude. Learning & Personal Achievement: even though all members of GeaSpeak are professionals, we encourage a continuous learning environment (kaizen) to constantly improve ourselves and become better. This approach enriches us and gives us a sense of realization and personal achievement, and it also benefits our clients. Reliability: we build trustworthy relationships within our team and with our clients. Trust is key for a successful relationship over time. We cultivate integrity, honesty, loyalty and keeping one’s word.

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What's in a name

In Greek mythology, “Gea” is the personification of the Mother Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. “Gea’s Peak”, or “Gea Speaks”, summarizes what we are and what we aspire to be: a team of experts with the mission to help you overcome barriers and challenges to reach the peak, so that your message sounds loud and clear, with the right original meaning.