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About GeaSpeak

GeaSpeak is a Language Service Company focused on marketing, advertising and technical areas. Since 2009 we have helped our clients grow and deliver their message in an efficient, professional and smart way in the Americas region and at the international level. Our core languages are English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. We are experts in the localization into Neutral Spanish for an international audience.


We answer quickly your query, quote request, progress update request, or technical issue. We ensure a fast and smooth communication process.

Our team is made up of language, graphic design, advertising and web design professionals. Each member of our team holds a higher education diploma or university degree in their field of expertise, as well as wide experience in their specific working sphere.

Ability to complete technical projects with clockwork precision and creative projects with resourcefulness.

We do not simply carry out the task requested, but rather give you advice if something can be improved or if we can make a useful contribution using our knowledge.

We keep all material we receive from our clients confidential. Our team signs a Confidentiality Agreement to this end.

Our Services


  • We have the best team of English, Spanish and Portuguese experts to help you convey your message and reach other markets or audiences.

Website Localization

  • If you want to promote your products or services in other markets in order to build your brand's international presence online, we can localize your material and culturally adapt it to that end.


  • We can help you seduce and sell with words. And we can also culturally adapt the advertising or marketing message to other audiences.

Software Localization

  • We adapt your software product or application to reach more users and markets.
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  • When creativity matters. We transcreate your marketing or advertising message considering the culture of the target audience.
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  • Transcriptions are carried out by various linguists according to the specific technical area for the right comprehension of the terminology used.
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Human Resources

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